This is the story of our adventures -- every day and extraordinary; our dreams -- tiny and grand; our gardens -- ornamental and sustaining; this is the story of our journey.  We are a family of four living a mindful, simple life here in Los Angeles County.  We are green, conscious, and forward thinking.  We keep an eye on the past because some of the best things have already been done and bear repeating.  Walk and talk with us, have a glass of wine, taste a peach or a tomato, blow some bubbles and watch them drift up over the canyon ridge.  Enjoy!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just a lot of little things...

Alex loves to paint herself and pretend she is a Native American princess.
She also likes to just plain play princess.

Both girls are extremely helpful pulling up carpet!

They are also great hikers.
And painters.
I love this painting because it is a collaborative effort -- Alex did the left side, Gregorie the right.

They both also love to pick me little bouquets.
They have made their own swim club.
They enjoy making mud.

And just climbing around on our property.

While my happy children play outside I can get some finishing touches done inside.  I found this mirror in the garage, repaired its crack, covered the seam with a "tree", and hung the finished product in the sunset bathroom.
I also finished installing the molding in the living room and got the art back on the wall.

In the living room, I found a croc-o-pile.
And was reminded that we all need someone to lean on.
Then I made some sun yogurt.
Gregg brought us a bountiful tomato harvest -- this is but a sample.
Now that he is back, Gregg is working on some projects of his own -- like moving and stacking the piles of wood.  He gets to take a beer break now and then.

These are just some of the little joys, the little moments, the little accomplishments that make up our GREAT BIG LIFE!


Steph said...

The girls are gorgeous! And all your food looks so yummy! I miss homegrown veggies.

Kinda Like a Chef said...

Oh man, don't know how I missed this post! Love the butts, we have those frequently at my house, too, as you know.

For sure, next summer, we are going to have to come up and join you guys up there! I'm so sad I didn't just bite the bullet and do it last month!