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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Guess they will be voting "NO" on Prop 8!

The girls are playing with their dolls. They have been for hours, dressing and undressing them, feeding them, nursing them, pottying them, etc. A while ago I heard Alex say to Gregorie, "Hey! You wanna get married? Let's get married!" Then just now I heard this exchange:

A: Papa, come here and help with dinner. It's time for our babies to eat dinner.
G: I'm not Papa.
A: Yes, you are. We got married and you are the papa. I am the mama.
G: I'm not a papa! I'm a WEGGIE!


Renuka said...

No on Prop 8 helps people like these to not have to say "she is my 'domestic partner' to be politically correct!

Renuka said...

hmm.. I did nto say what I was going to say.. I think all prop 8 does is jsut contains the definition of marriage..and not reduce any rights for same sex couples.. which I am ok for. the only thing a 'no' on prop 8 would do is to have the convenience of not using the complicated term of domestic partner.. I was actually joking about how people of anoushka etc dont have to learn this new term to be politically correct.. KWIM..