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Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Sunday Roast

I'm a good cook. I don't think I flatter myself when I say that. I can braise, saute, grill, stir fry, etc. I can use new ingredients with finesse, I can improvise (in fact, I never follow a recipe), I can make wicked sauces, I can pair dishes as perfect complements, I can time it so all the dishes come out together or staggered as they should be, I/CAN/KEEP/THE /KITCHEN/CLEAN/WHILE/I/COOK! hahahahaha. I CANNOT make a good roast. Okay, my Christmas standing rib roast excepted, my roasts are dry, gray, chewy. My mother can make a perfect every time well done (by design) but not dry or chewy eye of round. She can. It kills me that I cannot. Alright, I don't want a well done one. That should be EASIER. Well, tonight, I had my victory! Juicy, medium rare, tender! The meal came out pretty, well, pretty!

The roast with the fingerling potatoes cooking:

The roast awaiting carving:

The salad:

The veggies:

And the fire that my sweet husband built in our bedroom! The first of the season!


Serena said...

Those tomatoes and cheese look YUMMY!

Thembi said...

Ahhh, the fire. Pure heaven!