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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Progress, maybe?

I know that many of my friends and readers are decidedly anti-Barbie.  And I get it.  Seriously, I do.  Her cheap MIC plastic molded self, with perpetually lost shoes and clothes that don't fit, with a price tag not reflecting her true cost to the environment, is not endearing, desirable, want-worthy.  Then there are the body-image issues.  I have spent the last 43 years growing up as a woman.  (Well, most of them I was growing up - there were a few sideways years probably.)  I know how body image issues go.  Or maybe I don't, really.  Since Barbie doesn't offend me.  Not truly.  I mean, yeah, the Barbie I grew up with was NOT realistic.  But who thought she was?  I never strove to her "ideal"-- I never thought being a 6' tall size-2 with an 18-inch waist and 44DD boobs was ideal.  Did you?

But I still get "it".   What message is she sending?  What is she conditioning young girls to?  (Just an aside, Raggedy Ann is not very realistic either, nor a body image I aspire to.  Ooh, I hear the sighs.  Well, pretty much ALL doll images are not realistic, realistically.  And my daughters think their stuffed cats and bears are babies anyway -- is it all supposed to be realistic?)  Anyway, these days Barbie has gotten a boob reduction and many of the new dolls come with some big, broad feet (we have surfer Malibu Barbies and let me tell you, my girls are NOT excited that their feet don't fit into the high heels).  Barbie is still thin and smooth and too perfect.  And she is a DOLL!

Okay, so have I justified enough?  No.  I know I haven't.  The MAIN reason my girls have and will have Barbies is because... okay... I love Barbies.  Or, I loveD Barbies.  I cannot imagine my childhood without them.  Like, favorite toy?  Ever?  Yeah.   Hours upon happy hours playing with them.

Okay, so that is all about WHY we have Barbies in the first place -- not the point of my post!

Here at my house, Barbie is a babywearer!  And she has apparently adopted a pig!

This is almost exactly how I found my 3-year old's Barbie tonight when I was cleaning up. The wrap/sling was made, by Gregorie, from a sample of cloth sent to me by an Etsy seller.  The pig was, when I found him, tucked in a little tighter to the boobs but I turned his face so you could all see him.  Actually, the pig is probably a she since my girls have gender issues and all things they love are girls.  Other than Daddy.  And Traveler the Cat.  And Monkey Bunny.  And Poppy.  And Odin and Wyatt.     

 I think they need a Ken.


Andi said...

Charlie will have barbies too for the same reason. Having one child of each gender I am amazed how each gravitates to "boy or girl toys". We go to a toy store in Princeton that has toys out for the kids to play. Nathan races to the train table and Charlie to the baby dolls that she pushes in a cart. I swear I never pushed them into that!

Kendra said...

We like our (yard sale) Barbies. My children see them completely as playthings, not at all an ideal to aspire to. They've done some creative things with the Barbies but definitely not babywearing:)

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. Too cute. I used to love Cabbage Patch kids and GI Joes over Barbie any day but when you are a kid it's all good. My first Cabbage Patch doll was homemade by my mother and a pretty good imitation too. I was sad though because I wanted her to have a plastic head. Go figure. She did end up being my favorite over all the other "real" dolls later on though :)

Lindsey J said...

I love Barbie too! Thea will have them too. Just not yet. She still puts too many things in her mouth for me to risk those little shoes in our house.

Yay for babywearing Barbie! If Mattell comes out with one who wears a pig, you'll know where they got the idea. :)

Heidi said...

I love the babywearing Barbie too! Who knew she was such a forward thinker!

Tamra said...

Hey- I know zero women who ever aspired to be Barbie in any capacity or who felt they should have looked like she did when they grow up.

You are an excellent role model for taking care of your body, being active, eating healthy and being positive about it. THAT will have a much stronger impact than some doll!

I wonder if boys who play with Barbie think they will grow up and marry a woman that looks just like her? LOL