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Monday, July 12, 2010

Pulling peas and pruning pumpkins

This morning I climbed into what I call the Bed of Chaos -- where zucchini grow from pumpkin seeds, pole peas grow in piles, and volunteer tomatoes outpace pepper transplants.  I went in to pull out the peas, which are not producing, and to prune the pumpkin so the peppers and eggplant could get some sun.  And I found more strange things.

I'm pretty sure this is a yellow crookneck, growing from that same row of pumpkin/zucchini plants.
And, alas, I think this may be a baby pumpkin!
I also found potato berries, from which I can harvest TPS, true potato seeds.  TPS are planted to produce a tuberlet which is then planted to grow potatoes. 
I love the blackberry blossoms, and how the blackberry vines are spreading all over this back area!

I also found another overgrown zucchini -- how did I miss this the other day????

I was most excited to find cucumbers!  I have had so little luck growing them in the past -- fingers crossed!

Hopefully the eggplant and peppers can now get growing, with a little more sun on them!

The bed before:
And after.

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Kinda Like a Chef said...

Yay!!! Cucumbers!!!! Crossing my fingers for you! I know a lot of mine have started and then fallen off. But I have like 4 or 5 that have really set and are growing nicely! I can't wait to taste them! Everything else looks fantastic! Can't wait to come over next week!