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Monday, January 10, 2011

APAD -- Sick Day

Today was Alex's first day-home-from-school-sick.   We don't do sick often in this house and I'm not ever sure of the protocol -- we just generally find a lot of time to snuggle and sleep, leave routines by the wayside, and focus on the healing power of love.

In their 10.5 collective years of existence the girls have each been to the doc once for something other than a well-child visit:  Alex had roseola at 10 months;  Gregorie had something non-specific at some point; we took her in, the doc checked her ears, clear; he checked her all over, nothing; he returned to her ears and declared she had an ear infection -- hmm, they were clear a moment ago?  He prescribed antibiotics and she never took them and was well within a couple days.  Who knows what she had -- something like what they all (Gregg is down too) have now.  Gregorie started on Thursday with whatever-this-is -- I'm guessing a virus -- there are no symptoms other than a need to sleep and a fever, no appetite and very little energy.  Gregorie has been cooling down, regaining her appetite and her energy.  Today she played with her Mobigo and her Monkey Bunny:

And felt well enough to do a photo session in the kitchen.  She took this nice fuzzy picture of me:
Then she took some time to re-adjust and re-focus, on her scarf:
And then she chopped my head off.  The kitchen looks good though.
Alex was fine until yesterday; then she too got hot and sleepy.  Gregorie tried to keep her company.

Gregg took the truck in for repairs and then went for a bike ride and then Whatever hit him too -- not much fever but sleepy and no appetite.

Gregorie doesn't want you to think she feels TOO well.
No, really.
It's just awful, she needs kisses.
And poor, hot Alex.  Her fever hit 105 (according to my yogurt thermometer) but she's cooler now.  I know her body is healing her. 
They both sleep.
And the moon smiles at us.

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Serena's Blog said...

Awwww, feel better! Hey, have you ever thought about making a hard cover blog book? You do daily blogging like me, and I took 3 years worth of posts and input them into a book. Let me know if you want more info! This type of journaling needs to be captured forever in a hard bound book!