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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A hands-on husband (or, I have the strangest grandchildren...)

You all may recall that some time last year Alex married a tree.  I tried to find the blog post about it to link but couldn't (will try again when Gregorie is yammering in my ear).  Today we were driving over the hill to the Valley to get Alex's hair cut.  This conversation went down in the car.

A:  When we go to Gran and Poppy's, who will take care of the fish?
M:  I bought a self feeding disc and Max is also going to come by.  The fish will be fine.
A:  Who is taking care of the cabin while we are here in Topanga?
M:  Nobody really.  Frank makes sure nothing is wrong but the cabin is really on its own.
A:  That's just not true.  My tree husband is there.  He is looking after the cabin.
M:  Oh, okay.  That's right.
A:  My pine cone babies are there too.  My husband is taking care of them too.  He is a good daddy.
G:  I married a mountain.  He's right over there.
M:  That's nice Gregorie.  A mountain seems like a strong thing to marry.
G:  We have a baby.  Our baby is a bear.
M:  Makes sense that you and a mountain would bear a bear.
G:  We're going to make another bear baby.
A:   Gregorie, you shouldn't have two babies.  Two babies are HARD.
G:  Mom had two babies and it was easy for her, right Mom?
M:  Ah, yeah.  Pretty easy.  Two babies is okay.
A:  Gregorie, Mom had Dad to help.  Your mountain husband is just not going to be around very much.  You will have to take care of the babies all by yourself and two babies is HARD. Especially if they are bears.  Pine cones are easy.  Bears, not so much.
G:  You're right Poodle.  I guess I'll just have this one baby.

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Kinda Like a Chef said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! I LOVE your kids! And yes, you could make a book out of their stories!