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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flash Flood

The post below shows some pictures of the aftermath of Sunday's incredible storm here in Topanga but those pictures don't really convey just how intense it was.  Rain was falling at rates approaching 2 inches an hour at the heaviest.  I'm not sure how much rain we got in total from the storm but our rain gauge showed a rolling 24-hour total of 6.5 inches at several points in time.   The roads around us became rivers as seasonal streams and creeks jumped banks and found new routes as a result of the sheer volume of water and the tremendous amount of debris washing down the hillsides.

This video on Youtube was taken right at the intersection of Highvale (our ingress/egress road) and Topanga Canyon Boulevard.  It DOES capture the intensity.  My friend who lives up the street and who had visited me on Sunday before the storm got crazy blogged about her experience here.  Check out her story and pictures.

As I type this the blue skies of the last two days are giving way to grey and the rain is supposed to start again.  We are only slated for a 2" total -- fingers crossed on that!

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Kinda Like a Chef said...

Yes! I normally love the rain, but I'm done for now! I need some sunshine and blue skies! And I need for my kids to not be sick anymore so I can escape this house!!