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Monday, June 13, 2011

Of clutter, screen time, and embarrassment

Yesterday I was chatting with a group of friends about stainless steel appliances and whether kitchen appliances needed to match and stuff like that and one perfectly obnoxious friend (KIDDING, totally love her) shared a picture of her absurd, insane, perfectly lovely kitchen.  Aside from the fact that her kitchen is just beautiful, what we all noticed, and what we all commented about, was the complete lack of clutter on her counters.  So she shared another picture today.  Ahem... still NO clutter.  

So, being pretty anti-clutter myself, especially in the kitchen, I looked around.  My kitchen was in good shape.  I had some dishes drying in the drain rack which I quickly put away and then I snapped these photos:

Then I started wondering, hmmm.... how does the rest of the house look?  I knew I had vacuumed the office and cleaned all the toilets and sinks/counters in the bathrooms, but I hadn't actively "cleaned up".   I had, multiple times told the girls to be sure to clean up whatever they were playing with before they headed outside to seesaw.  But I had doubts...

I looked in the living room:
Okay.  Good.

Then I checked the office.  Uh oh.

Well, I mean, it's okay, in terms of clutter/neatness-- just a basket of clothes to go on the line.  But what is Alex doing in here?  With her vReader?  Hmmm...  I took the clothes outside and then checked the girls' room:
Uhhhh... again, okay on clutter.  They DID clean up.  They just didn't go outside!  Yikes!
Oh, and here is the other one in the master bath, with the Mobigo.  GO OUTSIDE NOW!!!!!

So later one of the girls (Greggie I think) got ahold of the camera and snapped this:
One word:  GUILTY!  And yeah, that's an Etsy shop and I bought myself two rings...  Double yikes!


Marlyn said...

And yes, Greggie did spend the entire day in her pajamas until she got wet on the seesaw. Oh well!

Jaimey said...

love you too, Turkey. :) ~J