This is the story of our adventures -- every day and extraordinary; our dreams -- tiny and grand; our gardens -- ornamental and sustaining; this is the story of our journey.  We are a family of four living a mindful, simple life here in Los Angeles County.  We are green, conscious, and forward thinking.  We keep an eye on the past because some of the best things have already been done and bear repeating.  Walk and talk with us, have a glass of wine, taste a peach or a tomato, blow some bubbles and watch them drift up over the canyon ridge.  Enjoy!

Friday, June 13, 2008

More of the garden

The first pic is the tomato and bean garden -- beans closest, with lots of volunteer tomatoes and melons scattered about and peppers around that first teepee. The tomatoes come next and on the far end, that you cannot see, there is a lonely cucumber. Behind the tomato teepees there are a peach, apple, and pear tree and 3 grape vines.

The picture to the right of that is my tallest tomato.

The "six stake" picture has a second round of tomatoes -- grapes and San Marz. Next to that are the two top terraced beds, the herb garden on top and melons (which are growing SLOWLY), spinach (most of which got eaten -- I will plant more), and carrots. The final picture is the lowest bed with a couple TINY cucumbers (I am having the worst time growing them!), a few bush beans, and carrots at the far end.

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