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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Maybe Sheryl Crow can do it but I can't!

Yesterday I went to the bathroom in our powder room, off the kitchen. I started to pee when I realized there was no TP. Greggie was standing there watching me. I said, "Greggie, can you go in Mama's bathroom and get me some toilet paper?"

G: Okay Mama. No, I can't. It's dark in there!
M: Okay, go down the hall to other bathroom and get some.
G: I can't. It's dark down there too.
M: Greggie, PLEASE just go in Mama's bathroom. It's not THAT dark.
G: Okay, Mama. I can do it!

She comes back and hands me one single square of single ply Scott tissue. Thanks.

M: Greggie, can you PLEASE get Mama some more.
G: Okay, Mama. I can.

Ah, she then brought me 5 squares.

Thank you sweetie.

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Serena said...

That reminds me of what Kwabena has done when I asked for toilet paper! HA!!!