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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TVG -- Home Photo Challenge -- Nov 19

The theme of this photo challenge is to take pictures in and around our home as if they were part of a magazine article -- decorating, DIY, cooking, family life, raising children...

Jenni's post for today was an awesome "how to" guide for organizing a medicine cabinet for the start of cold and flu season. I read her ideas on throwing out the old stuff, organizing things by ailment, seeing if you needed anything new... and thought, hmm, we don't have ANY of that stuff! Truth is, we almost never take OTC medicine. Or prescription medicine either, for that matter! The only things I like to have on hand are teething tablets and Hyland's cold remedy (which I think I left up at the cabin, so it needs to be replaced), sour cherries, aspirin, and Umcka cold remedy (which also needs to be replaced -- I took the last chewable today because I felt something coming on this morning), plus EO's of course.

So, inspired by Jenni here are pics of my medicine cabinets. I think they would go with an article on keeping your family healthy and clean with all, or mostly, natural products! Maybe later tonight I'll write the article -- complete with tips on using EO's! Maybe.


Jenni said...

I wish my medicine cabinets looked more like yours... it's just hard to take the plunge!

Steph said...

What a good idea! I really need to go through mine. Maybe during our move will be a good time... :)