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Monday, January 26, 2009

One step closer!


The oil finish is on and almost all the pulls have been installed. I have to order a few more shorter pulls to finish the cabinets. Then, the tile back splashes have to go (suggestions???? we are considering: marble to match the countertops, slate to match the floors, one by one mosaic glass tiles, stainless steel or aluminum -- other ideas???) and the range hood needs to be vented. The golden mustard paint color needs to be changed slightly to go better with the color of the new cabinets. And the white "fancy" window trim has to go in favor of a simpler design in plain wood.

Renuka, yes, floors are gray slate with lots of red, brown, green, blue, and yellow mixed in. The "green" you reference on the tiles and paint is actually yellow -- I think it looks green in the pictures because of the blue tarp that is over one of the skylights! LOL The light is leaking and the roofing company is having a hard time finding the one we want to replace it with.


Rachel said...

I'd go with the glass mosaic. All the ones I've ever seen are just beautiful.

daleri said...

It's looking GREAT!!!! I am getting ready to paint and put down new flooring....but my little kitchen would never look that fab!

Renuka said...

Glass mosaic tiles are teh best!! they have infinite options.. you can get diff mixes. I got mine from really cheap. they were listed on Ebay but had a warehouse 5 miles from my house. so I could see it before buying.. definitely look at those.

Serena said...