This is the story of our adventures -- every day and extraordinary; our dreams -- tiny and grand; our gardens -- ornamental and sustaining; this is the story of our journey.  We are a family of four living a mindful, simple life here in Los Angeles County.  We are green, conscious, and forward thinking.  We keep an eye on the past because some of the best things have already been done and bear repeating.  Walk and talk with us, have a glass of wine, taste a peach or a tomato, blow some bubbles and watch them drift up over the canyon ridge.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


[Apologies to Thembi -- I stole her "format" for this post.]

A: I can't sleep Mama. I'm too scared.
G: Okay, baby. I will lie with you. Come on.

[Greggie runs to living room to sleeping bag on the floor, folds down top layer.]

G: C'mere baby. Hop in. I will lie with you baby.

[Alex comes crawling across the floor.]

A: Okay, Mama. Thank you, Mother.
G: Wah, wah. I can't sleep.
A: Well, I can, Mama. Just sleep, Mama. I won't make any sound.
G: I just can't sleep Baby.
A: Oh well, Mother. I guess you will just have to deal with yourself.

[Long pause.]

A: Mama, I love you.
G: Awww, Baby. I love you too.
A: Mama, you wanna sleep on my princess pillow?
G: No Baby, that's your pillow. Look, that's Daphne on the pillow.
A: No, that's Sleeping Beauty, Mama.
G: I know, Baby. I'm pretending it's Daphne.


Rachel said...

Aw! How adorable! I'm hoping that when Tom starts talking there will be less screaming and more fun interaction that doesn't give me a your girls.

Steph said...

I love it!

Alex barely speaks right now, but listening to Kairi talk to him makes me feel warm and fuzzy.