This is the story of our adventures -- every day and extraordinary; our dreams -- tiny and grand; our gardens -- ornamental and sustaining; this is the story of our journey.  We are a family of four living a mindful, simple life here in Los Angeles County.  We are green, conscious, and forward thinking.  We keep an eye on the past because some of the best things have already been done and bear repeating.  Walk and talk with us, have a glass of wine, taste a peach or a tomato, blow some bubbles and watch them drift up over the canyon ridge.  Enjoy!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Village Green Picture of the Day - July 5

Yesterday we had a lovely relaxing day at home and then at a BBQ and our dear friends Niki and Danny's house.

Greggie wins the split personality award. At home she is wild and crazy -- either being ridiculously silly or throwing hellacious tantrums because she's been told not to jump back and forth from the coffee table to the couch. She won't wear clothes -- unless it's a bathing suit or something desperately inappropriate -- like a fleece snowsuit when it's 110 out or my thong on her head. Out, OMG, who is this child? This perfect lady, in crisp white dress, with Emily Post manners??? Taking turns, sharing, saying thank you and no thank you and please. Playing independently. Happy, easy. I tell stories of her antics and people say, "This one????" YES! This one! Well, for what's it's worth, by the end of the BBQ she was naked...

And I don't have any pics of her being that little angel. Maybe I dreamt it...

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