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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where are the words

I lost my camera. I have no new pictures to post and without those, not many thoughts. I haven't been good with words lately (I'm still struggling to finish a poem for the Village Green girls).

I am loving hearing Greggie's words -- more and more every day. If she hears it, she knows it. She is just amazing to me. And Alex is sucking her thumb less and speaking more clearly already. Oh, and she has such grown up thoughts these days. I am blanking on examples -- because my mind has stopped thinking in words. As I try to remember stories to tell, I only remember smiles and moppy hair and naked butts and giggles.

They are sleeping now. Alex asked me to "snuggle in my spot" so I did until she fell asleep. Greggie had gone down early. I kissed Alex and said, "Smoochies! I love you!" and she said, "Hush down. No talking. It's time to go to sleep." Maybe she's in charge of the words. She surely thinks she's in charge of the world. Or at least in charge of Greggie. She SO desperately wants to open Greggie's birthday presents. Tonight she wanted to see the pirate ship (and knew where it was hidden). I told her, "Not until after Greggie goes to bed." She immediately chased her sister down and said, "Hey Greggie, you're tired. It's time for bed. You need to go to sleep." Self serving...

Greggie was sleeping fitfully - dreaming. I heard, "Uh, uh, uh! Swimming!" Then "Don't like to go under water! I scared."

We (aka Gregg) shampooed the carpet today -- oh, it looks so good. I'd show you all, if I had a camera. I'd also show you the cute videos of the girls playing in the tents yesterday.

Alas, I have no pictures and no more words...


Erin said...

oh Marlyn I'm so sorry about the loss of your camera! When I lost mine last month it was as if I were missing a part of myself until I replaced it. Go out and get a new one pronto!

I hear you on lacking words, that is exactly how I feel lately. You pull it off well though :)


Marlyn said...

I ordered a new one on -- I signed up for a free trial of Prime -- which gets you free 2-day shipping, $3.99 overnight. It will be here tomorrow!!!!

Thanks about the words and for the hugs!

Boo(duh) said...

I think we're suffering a bit from lost words. So many others have commented that their words are failing them, and I feel it too. I know exactly what you mean about losing the exactness of the memories, dissolved in giggles and curls, snuggles, smiles, and cries.

Nichole said...

What a bummer about the camera! Is there any chance the girls moved it for you?? I have to put ours away instantly when I'm done.

Serena said...

Yeah, I was shocked when I pulled up your blog, Marlyn, and saw PARAGRAPHS! *gasp*! I'm used to the pictures! But, considering how verbose I am, your paragraphs were like music to my ears :) Keep the pics and the words coming!

Marlyn said...

Serena, LOL!

Nichole, yes, I'm sure the girls have it. Hidden somewhere.

Sarah, yes, exactly all that. Smooch.