This is the story of our adventures -- every day and extraordinary; our dreams -- tiny and grand; our gardens -- ornamental and sustaining; this is the story of our journey.  We are a family of four living a mindful, simple life here in Los Angeles County.  We are green, conscious, and forward thinking.  We keep an eye on the past because some of the best things have already been done and bear repeating.  Walk and talk with us, have a glass of wine, taste a peach or a tomato, blow some bubbles and watch them drift up over the canyon ridge.  Enjoy!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bad (okay, hahaha bad) childhood memories

Today we got a Chasing Fireflies catalog in the mail and it reminded me that I needed to get the girls' Halloween costumes together before the cruise since we will be on the ship on Halloween. So I've been planning.

I just sat down and paged back through the catalog, which gave me the inspiration for the costumes I'm making, and found, lo and behold, a LITTLE BO PEEP costume. Okay, Mom, Nan, Jackie, who remembers my childhood trauma??? "YOU LOST your sheep!" Um, I was FIVE!!!! So, I want Mrs. Dooble (or however she spelled it) to know, that Chasing Fireflies sells the costume for Little Bo Peep WITH ACCESSORIES! The costume is $40. The adjustable staff, $12. The LAMB!!! costs $28. And the BIG SHEEP $370. Yes, Little Bo Peep FINDS her sheep, or they find her or something. Where were THESE props when I was five, and got scarred????

BTW, Al and Nan, you can get a unicorn too:

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