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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Insects -- the good, the bad, and the ugly

The war with the ants continue to rage in my kitchen. The current battleground is the range hood. I have no idea what they want there -- it's clean, no crumbs, no grease. I keep blasting them with peppermint oil but they will not be deterred. The other day I oiled my cutting board with some almond oil only to come back to the kitchen a half hour later and find it COVERED, as in almost solid black. Who knew???? Needless to say, the kitchen has to be kept almost sterile -- hard to do with a 2- and 3-year old in the house...

As I was typing that, I got bit by a mosquito.

Alas, though, not all insects are evil, ugly, and bad. I found this guy climbing up my kitchen cabinet a while ago. I took him outside to a happier life among the natives.

Alex said, "Hey, just like in the movie!" I think she is thinking of Cricket on the Hearth, a Christmas movie she once saw. Not exactly like that honey.


Erin said...

I am so envious of your preying mantis! OMG! I've NEVER seen one here in our garden! I have a plastic one on my dashboard though haha :)

Marlyn you are not alone with your ant woes... I should post some pics of mine. ALL OVER THE FREEZER? As in martyrdom!!!!!

If I (Colven) leave even *one* piece of egg on the floor (a crumb!) or **gasp** a little bit of something on the sponge I have a whole new deal for another week. I am SO SICK OF ANTS. I have tried IT ALL. Peppermint, cinnamon, orange, bay leaf, salt, borax, allllll of it!! ARGH!

Marlyn said...

Erin, all my friends on Village Green are battling the ants too -- Oregon, DC, Chicago. Everywhere. I itch constantly because I think they are crawling all over me!

I was so psyched to see my mantis! Isn't he beautiful! Up at our cabin (northern Sierras) the house was full of lacewings. We have some of those here but not like up there. So wonderful.

Rachel said...

You should try cinnamon to get rid of the ants. Not that you really want piles of cinnamon around, but it does work.

daleri said...

Ugh! I can live with mosquitos (I am forced to) but ants I can do without. Good luck with those. How about fruit flies? This time of the year they are always hanging around in the house and they drive me nuts! I just found two little suicide bombers in my glass of merlot!