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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Cusp

I have two children born on, sort of, the cusp, of their zodiac sign. For whatever reason, atheist, logical, captain of my ship, that I am, I have always "believed" in the signs. I am a Gemini through and through.

Alex, Dec 22, Sag-Cap cusp, technically Capricorn. I have, being a Gemini, always hoped she'd be a Sagittarius. I assumed that would make us more compatible. Tonight we had this conversation:

A: I want to go to Gam's house.
M: The cabin in the woods or her apartment?
A: The cabin in the woods.
M: Okay. We can.
A: But, I want to come home. To Stella.
G1: Do you want to go on the airplane? To go on the big boat with Gran and Poppy?
A: WE-ell. Yes. But then I want to come home. This is our house?

etc etc etc. Ah, my husband the Cancer. Homebody. Now, another.

And then, what else is there for me???

Gregorie, July 21, CANCER-Leo cusp, technically Cancer. Oh, please please please be a lion!!!!! All signs so far are good (for me!).


Shauna said...

Funny you'd rather have the Leo than the Cancer. lol With Grace I was so happy she NOT the lion!! lol But then again, Nate is on that cusp (Jul 23) and my brother is a full fledged Leo (Aug 3) and OMG--WOW---- he is the TOTAL LEO PACKAGE. The cancer-leo cusp is nice I think (at least with my hubby) because he's got a little bit of both to balance things out. lol

Marlyn said...

That's a good thought! Balance! It's the whole Gemini-Cancer thing that worries me -- funny that I married one! And SERIOUSLY dated two others! And my best friend is a Cancer too! I can't get away from them. But their homebody ways make this vagabond a little crazy!

Sherri said...

My hubby is a Leo and I a Cap - but sometimes you'd think we're opposite. He seems so much more Cap than me at times, and me more Leo. But, it's a good balance for us.