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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I didn't play with my children at all today

...and I hate it! I DID, however, can 33 quarts of roma tomatoes! Woo Hoo!!!!! And I only did 3/4 of them -- at least 10 more quarts to do...

But those I did took 6 hours! The girls were SO good all day -- I heard a couple arguments between them and Gregg telling them to clean up a few times but by and large they played and played and left me alone. Greggie came in the kitchen maybe once, to ask for an apple. I few times Alex started down the hall, "Mom, can I have..." Pause. "Daddy, can you help with with..." Growing up! Realizing that Mama is busy!

When I was done and the kitchen was cleaned, I took a much needed shower while, Gregg, bless his soul, went to buy me some wine. The girls came in the bathroom. From in the shower stall I heard, "Mom, where's our toothpaste. We wanna brush our teeth." I yelled out that it was in the cupboard over the tub. Alex climbed on the step stool and got it and Gregorie exclaimed, "You found it Poodle! You found it!" Then Alex put paste on both their brushes and they brushed and rinsed. Yup, growing up.

100 pounds of romas:

Mama, this one is squooshed:

Alex helps wash the tomatoes:

The first batch waiting for the hot water bath to peel their skins:

Coming to a hard boil:

The finished product:

And the loaf of bread we had for breakfast:


Serena said...

Those tomatoes look YUMMY! You grew them yourself? Man, I wish I had the land to do that... You should mail me a jar over here to Maryland (hint, hint). LOL

Rachel said...

Wow, that is one huge pot of boiling tomatoes! You need a seige so you can throw it over a wall at your enemies. Hehehe. How adorable and sad that Alex is growing up already.

Blogging Molly said...

woohoo! that's a lot of tomatoes. my goal is to grow enough tomatoes in the coming years to can like that. i canned six quarts of pickled green beans yesterday morning and realized that i love the prep work and the finished product, but the actual process of canning is torture. the heat, the timing, the mess, the children asking for hot cocoa... you probably get the picture. the bread looks delicious!

Marlyn said...

LOL Rachel! Having splattered some on my hands I know just how bad that would be for the enemy!

Molly, I'm trying to grow all my own for canning too but for now I'm supplementing at the U-pick place. Tomatoes are much easier to can than things that need to be water bathed or pressured canned. I just be sure they are at a hard boil before putting them in the jars and they seal down just fine. Been doing it that way for years (and my mother before me) and we've never had a bad jar. I'd love your green bean recipe -- I've been freezing them like a mad woman!

Erin said...

Marlyn I would love to hear the green bean recipe! I am drowning in beans!! Haven't started freezing them yet (bad! bad!)

You are totally inspiring me to do some more canning! Can you believe our tomatoes are JUST NOW turning red (and orange). ???

mo said...

YUMMMMMMMMM!!! I wanna come to your house!! FEED ME!!!

Nichole said...

Wow what a great harvest! Great job canning!